Monday, April 10, 2006

Owen ;)

I know that this image doesn't do anything with art. This is my boyfriend, Matt's naphew, Owen.

I think kids are so increadible. I've been working with kids for almost 4 years and I learn from them a lot. Especially about acting. Kids are very honest with their emotion and I can see the emotion so easily, and all the expression is so appealing to me.

When I animate, I love to animate kids, it's because their expression is very appealing and expressive. I love this picture and how his expression is, I can see what he is thinking, how curious he is. It was his first time to go to beach ;) Posted by Picasa


Eren said...

Hi Miyuki, thanks so much for the nice comment. Your animation looks great, good to see Fullerton students doing nice work!

chris chua said...

welcome to the blog community...hope to see more stuff from you.

Miyuki Kanno said...

Thank you, Eren! I appreciate your comment very much :) Thank you for inspiring art!