Monday, April 17, 2006

Here is one of the animation challenge I did this semester. The challenge was a character picking up a heavy object and throw out to the window. This was my first idea, I made my girl character throwing her baby brother out to the window, but his dipper gets stuck and his poop comes out to her face and she runs away. However, there was someone, who wasn't very happy with the idea of poop and throwing a baby I changed my idea, and here is the animation. Any critiques are great. I still have a problem containing the same weight and also I don't see very entertaining in this test, so I don't know if I should keep working on this and put this in my reel.....mmm, so that's it!

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Friday, April 14, 2006

burn out....

Every semester, there is always a time that I feel like I burn out. Right now, I feel like I am buring out. I feel like I am running a looong marathan that never ends, cannot see the light!!

I got a very exciting email from Pixar the other day. I sent my demo-reel for animation internship last year, and they kept my materials, since they liked my demo-reel. They emailed me that they are looking for animators right now and would like to see my updated demo.

I right away sent them my updated demoreel. and very excited! It's Pixar! The company that everyone wants to work for today! Unfortunately, I didn't get the position. Maybe next year, or 2 more years, or 3 more years later I will. Never knows.

But deep inside of me, sometimes I feel like I will never get a job. I look my stuff, and feels that it looks aweful that I will never get a job. I don't know that every art students feel that way, too. I need to trush God more....believing that someday I will get a job that I always dreamed of.

mmm....I feel like burn out. I feel like I need to rest a little bit to get more energy to keep going...

Monday, April 10, 2006

Owen ;)

I know that this image doesn't do anything with art. This is my boyfriend, Matt's naphew, Owen.

I think kids are so increadible. I've been working with kids for almost 4 years and I learn from them a lot. Especially about acting. Kids are very honest with their emotion and I can see the emotion so easily, and all the expression is so appealing to me.

When I animate, I love to animate kids, it's because their expression is very appealing and expressive. I love this picture and how his expression is, I can see what he is thinking, how curious he is. It was his first time to go to beach ;) Posted by Picasa

Saturday, April 08, 2006

It worked!! Thank you, Matt!

Here is the animation I did last semester for a independence study with Brian. It was one of the great class I ever took. It was very hard class, but it was worth it. I am fixing this animation still right now, I got some great feedbacks from Justin and Mike Roush, and also other professionals. So I am working on this right now. Thank you Justin for giving a feedback!