Saturday, April 07, 2007


It has been a very difficult time for me lately. After the gallery opening, my car broke down, and all the pressure to graduate and getting a job actually started to get to me. I'm sure every college student goes through this time, the fear of going into the real world.

The stress and pressure actually got worse when I couldn't go to my internship. I felt like I wasn't learning, going forward. Then I realized that I just have to keep going, and keep working hard. Here is a character for a dialog test that I am working on right now. I was inspired by this cute little girl's voice, and I made a character named Zoe,

Matt and I are also visiting his family in Northern CA. He has a 7 month old nephew, Luke, and he also gave me many inspirations. Here are pictures of me observing him....

Here is a picture which made me laugh....I guess they both are reading together,

Happy Easter everyone!