Thursday, June 05, 2008


I'm so sorry it's been a long time since I updated! ( I don't even know if people even check my blog anymore...ha ha) I never forget about this blog....I just got busy and, and and...lazy....but from now, I will try to keep things updated!

My journey as trainee at Disney was very wonderful. There are so many talented artists around me, and it was very inspiring, at the same time there was a lot of pressure. My mentor was Bruce Smith, who is a supervising animator on the Princess and the Frog. He was very patient with me, and he gave me all the knowledge he has, and I am very thankful for the time he gave me. I also got some feedback from Mark Henn, since I was animating a character who Mark is supervising, and his feedback and just seeing him draw something was amazing to me. So during the last 6 months I have done five animation tests, and I finished my training program two weeks ago. And I'm lucky enough that they hired me as a ruff inbetweener on the Princess and the frog!

After the 6 months, I was so exhausted and I just needed some time to relax, Matt and I had a little getaway to Dana Point and it was very nice. There were some kids surfing or just playing in the water, so I just wanted to do some sketches, so here are some quick sketches I did. (Since I didn't have my sketchbook, I just used scratch paper....haha)

I also started taking some acting class, and I was so surprised how much I've learned! (But I will talk about that in the next post) Anyway, whoever saw my blog again, thanks! I will try to keep updates about my learning process in animation!


Bobby Pontillas said...

I bookmarked your blogsite a while back, so its great to see an awesome update like this one. What a great experience! Guys like Mark and Bruce are some of my animation heroes. Thanks for sharing your experiences w/them. And congratulations on being brought on full time! And on a traditionally animated feature no less!! Amazing!

J. Wood said...

Yay!!!! Congratulations Miyuki, you deserve it, you're such a hard worker! I'm proud of you!
It was fun running into you and Matt that one day, hope to see you again soon. Let's go drawing sometime.
Congrats again!

Justin Jenkins said...

yeah congrats! it was fun going to the life drawing sessions at the disney studio and seeing you there. congratulations on working on a promising 2D film!

hooray for 2D animators!

Chris Silva said...

Hey Miyuki,

Congratulations!!! That is really awesome and I new you would make it. The post had me going for a sec, but it was a pleasant surprise. I hope everything is going well at Disney and I can't wait to see the next post. Good luck and congratulations again.

chrisallison said...


That's AWESOME. You're the best! Keep going! You'll be supervisor someday, I know it. When you see me on the street, throw me a quarter!

james ramos said...

Dood that's so awesome! Congratulations!!!
You're a great artist and hard worker so you definitely deserve it.

Anyway, just wanted to say hey since I haven't talked to you in awhile and even longer since I've seen you.
Take care and hit me up sometime.

PS I've been doing some christian art lately so check out my blog and my sondays blog too.
Later, and God Bless you.

Miyuki Kanno said...

>Bobby, Thank you very much for checking my blog! I will try to update as much as I can:) Thanks again!

>Hi Jenn, Thank you so much! I know, it was funny how we run into each other! and finally....I am hired :) Let's go drawing again and hope to see you soon!

>Hey Justin, it was good to talk with you at life drawing classes. Too bad that your training ended. I am sure we will run into each other again :) Good luck on everything!

>Hi Chris S, thank you for checking my blog. It was good to see all the CSUF students at Disney. I hope to see you guys soon again:)

>Hey Chris(Alison), thank you! you know, I am pretty sure YOU will be much bigger than me someday, so you should throw me a quarter someday. We all should go drawing sometime or lunch! See you soon!

>JAMES!!! Where were YOU!!!! It's been forever since I saw you! I miss you very much! Let's get together again soon ( I heard you are in Valencia, right? Matt and I live in Valencia, too!) See you soon!