Saturday, February 09, 2008

Charlie bit me!

Matt came home the other day, and he showed me this clip. So CUTE~~~!


J. Wood said...

: ) That's so cute Miyuki, thanks for sharing (this would make a good animated dialogue test)
And congrats on your apprenticeship at Disney, I knew your talents wouldn't go unnoticed!

Tal Moscovici said...

Haha, I think Matt showed this one to me... Good stuff.

By the way, WOW! The animation below is absolutely beautiful. It seems like every time you post, you impress more and more. That's why you're an apprentice at Disney and everyone else is, well, everyone else.

Sheldon Kruger said...

Miyuki! Huge congrats on the Disney Apprenticeship. Well deserved as your work is looking beautiful. Hope you are doing well, and that darn Charlie laugh cracks me up every time.


Justin Jenkins said...

hey Miyuki,

Probably dont remeber me from siggraph but anyways. LOL congrats on the disney apprenticeship program. I ended up getting the one at Disney Interactive Studios instead of the animation one but thats cause you are awesome, so i had to flyout all the way from georgia to Cali. DIS is still alot of fun though lots of drawing and videogames to play.

Miyuki Kanno said...

>Jennifer, I am glad you liked this video. It makes me laugh every time when I see this video;) Thank you for believing in me all the time, finally my dream came true;)

>Tal, Thanks for your comment. I am glad you liked my animation. I had a lot of fun animating the character:)

>Sheldon,thank you! I hope your animation mentor program is going well, and learning more and more. Keep working and I am sure you will get a job that you want to do soon!

>Justin, hi, of course I remeber you! And congrats on you, too! I've heard it's easy to go different department inside disney, so hopefully someday I will see you in hat building! Good luck with your job!

Mike Nassar said...

miyuki! update time. come on, your audience wants something cool.

hope all is well, take care.